Superman has met his Kryptonite

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I don't label as to what I'm attracted to or not attracted to. I'm attracted to the heart.

All of my post, including myself, are amateur. Unless, the friend is a professional photographer.

I currently run two other blogs,

sex-is-hawt asked: And by the way... Sir, thanks for following me and for liking and sharing my pictures! I overcome timidity and a lot of complexes towards my own body to make them (and post them online) and the fact that people like them and share them makes me incredibly happy. Hope you will continue to enjoy my blog! xx

You are very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and share about yourself. When we look in the mirror and love the person looking back. Its a beautiful day.

Good night. Play nice!



As promised…

During today’s masturbation session, I decided to play with my new nipple pump. I only had it for a few days and I already use the maximum strength possible :(

Since we’ve been playing A LOT with my tits and nipples lately, I wasn’t that surprised to see appear a little tiny drop of milk (2nd picture)… Is it that easy to start milking? Should I continue playing with them and pumping them??

I had the biggest nipple I ever had after that little session… I guess I’ll have to tell my husband we will need something stronger! What do you think?


When my husband is not around, I have to keep my needy cunt entertained! I like my tits, but I’d like to have bigger nipples. A little longer and thicker. From what I read, playing and distending my teats could be enough to get the result I want.

For the last month, eveytime I played with my breasts, a few drops of milk came out. I think it’s time I get myself a real pump and start to milk myself. I know I really have to be careful. Don’t worry dear followers, I’ll buy something made for human milking! Any suggestion on a brand, model, etc.?


Good morning


Per request bouncing in a sports bra ;) -Mrs

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